Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Alabastron

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Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Alabastron, Late Dynastic Period to Ptolemaic Period, c. 500 -32 BCE. A perfect example of an alabastron, made from alabaster ranging from a creamy beige to a buttery pale yellow, that glows when held under light. The body bulges outward and then tapers to a flat base. A round, disc-like guard delineates the neck. Above this is a round cylinder that forms the mouth, with an unpronounced rim. The shape is elegant, a very elongated, rounded vessel that looks almost like it was poured rather than carved.

cf. P. Günther and R. Wellauer, Ägyptische Steingefässe der Sammlung Rudolph Schmidt, Solothurn, Ägyptologische Hefte des Orientalischen Seminars der Universität Zürich, 1988, p. 69, pl. 45, no 165.

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