Impressive pair of Pre-Columbian Quimbaya figures from Colombia, Cauca Valley,, ca. 4th to 7th century CE. Charming, slab-like pottery figures with tubular arms and legs. They are seated with one arm raised and one at the chest, with obvious genitalia and finely rendered feet and toes. Perforations in the palms of the hands suggest that he once held some implements. Face flattened and rectangular, slightly upturned with slits for eyes and mouth with a prominent, bulbous nose with open nostrils; given the Quimbaya penchant for large gold ornaments, at one time this piece may have had gold through his nose and pierced ears. The grooves around ankles may also be evidence for missing gold bands. Black geometric paint designs on both figure still present.  These figures were made to be placed with burials in shaft and chamber tombs, perhaps as a guardian or companion for the deceased.


12" in height.

Impressive pair of Pre-Columbian Quimbaya figures