Pre-Columbian Maya Mosaic from Mexico, ca. 450-900 C.E. Carved chert or slate in the form of a parrot. Turquoise mosaics perfectly aligned and original to the piece. The beak made up of shell and Turquoise mosaics. The eye is made up of shell and the pupil made from a fine colored jade. Root marks on the surface that attest to its age. The piece is glued together from two pieces. Clean break hardly noticeable and expertly restored. The mosaics are all ancient and perfectly fitted to assemble the piece. two drilled holes at the bottom of which were likely used for attachments. An exquisite and rare example! Authenticated by Stoetzer’s Inc. in Miami. Root marks on the surface attesting to its authenticity.

8-1/8″ in length.

Ex. Private Florida Collection, Ex. Barney G. Malone Collection, Texas. 1963-1970

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